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Colorado Lamb Semi-boneless Leg Netted $16.99/lb. due at pick up


Colorado lamb is known for its high quality and distinctive taste. The state's unique geography, with its high altitude and wide-open spaces, provides an ideal environment for raising lambs. Colorado lamb is typically grass-fed and free-range, allowing the animals to graze on a variety of natural vegetation, which gives the meat its rich, robust flavor. The state's strict animal welfare standards ensure that the lambs are well-cared for and healthy, resulting in a lean and tender meat that is highly sought after by chefs and consumers alike. The semi-boneless joint makes for an easier carve while still allowing for bone-in taste. 

Try it with our dry rub and marmalade from Prospect Jam Co. to make your Easter dinner unforgettable. 

$16.99/lb. due at the time of pick up. Exact price will be determined by final weight; most will weigh between 7-9lbs.